An Easy Guide to Mushroom Hunting for Dogs by Helena Andersson

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How do you get the dog to find the right mushroom without eating it up or sitting on it?

In this book you get get tips and tricks such as how to prepare for training in the forest, how to teach the dog several types of mushrooms and you will find out more about when not to practice mushroom hunting.
Have you wondered if you can train several dogs at the same time, or if you can teach the dog to search from a distance?
This book contains the answers!

Here is the book in Swedish »

Published by Exempla, Malmköping, Sweden in English in June 2023 and in Swedish in August 2022.

ISBN 978-91-986122-5-7.
64 pages.
Paper back.
Size: 140 x 180 x 5 mm
Weight: 125 gr

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An easy-to-follow guide book for mushroom hunting in the forest for the whole family with a dog.

The experienced dog trainer and course leader Helena Andersson shares useful facts and tips for good co-operation between the dog and its owner. The reward will be baskets filled with mushrooms.

She suggests several common edible mushrooms to practice with, where to find them and how to cook them.

The book is easy to read with plenty of illustrations.

Read more about Helena Andersson here (in Swedish) »


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